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  • FPS champions the Interim – to –  Perm product with our customers. We believe it is the perfect “win –win” for clients and interim managers. No more unfilled positions which destabilizes organizations and demotivates other staff who have more than enough to do themselves. 
  • Starting on an interim basis one finds out quickly if there is a fit and then one can move to a permanent recruitment. It saves expensive contract penalties and gives maximum flexibility to both sides and clients benefit from the immediate impact of seasoned interim managers.
  • Another Interim – to – Perm product used more and more by our clients is to first hire an interim manager and simultaneously look for a permanent solution. This makes a lot of sense as clients a) fill their open position immediately b) thus things are getting done and the organization is not strained and c) as interim managers tend to “move the needle” very quickly the likelihood of a permanent candidate coming into a mess, so to speak, is not there. 
  • We have attractive case studies which illustrate this.
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Paul Taaffe
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